Carroll County Welcomes You!


Malmasion – The Mansion of Greenwood Leflore. The Mansion burned to the ground in 1942.

From indistinct points where they appear to have leaked into the flatlands like softened candle wax, the dipping, curving hills of Carroll county rise modestly. To the north, Valley store, once part of a bustling community years ago, then to Malmaison, elegant home of Greenwood Leflore,now ashes below the grass.

Steeped in our Old Valley Store history and preservation of our past, we are stately old

The Old Valley Store

The Old Valley Store

homes with porch rocking chairs, we are church socials where you eat ‘til you pop, we are deep woods where each generation is taught that nature is a gift, we are old brick stores with yesteryear’s secrets forever locked within our walls