Artists for A Taste of Soup Announced

Carroll County has an abundance of talented people and always has. This year’s A Taste of Soup and Art Exhibit will showcase some of these.

Linda James is retired from the medical field.
She is well known for her humor, her singing, and her community spirit.
She is becoming known for her nature photography and her paintings. She will have a selection on display at the February 4.

Elizabeth Saunders is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Ed Saunders, who serve the Carrollton Methodist Charge. Elizabeth makes hats, scarves and other items from yarns. Elizabeth is our student artist this year.

Pam Shaw is retired from the North Carrollton Post Office. Since her retirement she has been making birdhouses with her husband, Jerry Shaw.

Charlene Senn is an artist with an embroidery machine. Whether you are looking for classic monograming, cute sayings or pictures, Charlene has probably done something that will you would like.

Stephanie Clanton is an artist with a camera, setting up touching family pictures using Carrollton as a backdrop or making Carrollton and Carroll County the focal point.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for A Taste of Soup and Art Exhibit at the Carrollton-North Carrollton Library or from a Friend of the Library. To check on availability of tickets, call the Carrollton-North Carrollton Library at 662-237-6268. For more information, call Pam Lee at 662-237-6910.

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