Dine with the Friends of the Library!

As I sit down to write about the upcoming events for the Friends of the Library in Carroll County, the song words – “Oh, the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful – run through my mind followed by “And since we’ve got no place to go,” let’s read, let’s eat chili, let’s eat soup! Regardless of the weather, reading can take us places near and far away. We can go back in time or zoom into the future. We can learn and imagine and grow and so much more because we read books.
The Carrollton-North Carrollton Library and the Vaiden Library are provided by our county for use by Carroll County residents. The Friends of the Library is an organization that supports the local library, supplying extra funds and volunteers. Carroll County has two Friends organizations, one for each library. January and February are their main fund raising months.
On Friday, January 20, the Friends of the Vaiden Library will host their annual chili lunch. The $8 ticket buys chili, cornbread, dessert and tea. It will be served from 11 am to 1 pm. For more information call the Library at 662-464-7736.
On Saturday, February 4, the Friends of the Carrollton-North Carrollton Library will host their annual soup tasting and art exhibit. The $10 ticket buys “tastes” of 6 soups – Burger in a Bowl Soup, Chicken Lemon & Rice Soup, Easy Chili, New Year’s Day Good Luck Soup, Mexican Stew and Smoky Pork Taco Soup. To help celebrate our state’s 200th birthday, door prizes will be given away to those who know the answers to Mississippi trivia questions. Do you know who our capital is named for? Where Eagle Brand Milk was first processed? What is our state flower, tree, bird or duck? There are several websites that contain trivia about the different states and there will be posters and information on the tables to help soup tasters win a door prize. Tickets will be available at the Library and from many of the Friends. Because of seating, only a limited number of tickets are sold so get yours today! Call the Library at 662-237-6268 or Pam Lee at 662-237-6910 for more information.

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